ERP – data exchange

ERP / EDI module is a tool which allows integrating the Genetix system with the environment. The system provides data import and export tools.
4LS/Genetix system can be integrated with external systems. Integration is through data exchange. Data import and export operations include dictionary data and the system’s operational data such as orders, work orders, routes and contractors.
The system has in-built mechanisms for data import. It is also possible for the user to exchange data. Import operations are handled manually by users as well as have the option to be run by an automatic process – server.

The most important features:

  • Integration with FK systems – purchase / sale documents
  • Option to automatically download data from an ERP system
  • Easily configurable import module – the system can be adjusted to an existing data source.
  • Integration with a list of orders, contractors or route definitions
  • Capture of dictionary data from external sources such as exchange rate tables, bank lists, postal codes, etc.
  • Integration with banks – transfers, bank statements


  • Automatic data exchange
  • High quality data
  • Fast data capture
  • No manual work

RAP – reports

Genetix / RAP modules are the most important extension of the features and views of system-derived operational data. This allows reporting based on collected data by presenting them in the form of regular tables, pivot tables and graphs.
The report / analysis module features report functions at two levels.

The most important features:

  • Hard copy reports
  • Active table / pivot table reports
  • Export of outputs into various file formats (PDF, Word, Excel, Text)
  • Report corrections, option to create new templates
  • Reports can be plugged in at various system objects in any way.
  • Reports can be disclosed to selected users through individually assigned access rights


  • report system is tailored to customer needs
  • the system can be extended to include the customer’s own data presentation schemes
  • the system can create new reports without the need to buy new system functions

MSG – Communication

Genetix/MSG software provides users with the possibility of communicating with drivers from within the system. The communication runs through SMS, e-mails or an in-built system messenger.
The Genetix communication module serves to provide an efficient information exchange channel for system users. This is especially important for geographically dispersed process users. The data base is centralized and the system uses internal communication tools, which eliminates the need for voice calls or e-mails. Everything is recorded in the system’s data base. Messages are available in the mailbox with proper theme markers (contractor, driver, route, order).

The most important features:

  • Internal messenger
  • SMS service provided
  • E-mail service provided
  • Message templates
  • Assignment of messages to system objects, e.g. contractor, route, shipment.
  • Receipt of incoming text message and assignment of messages to objects (route, driver)
  • Diverting incoming text messages to a different phone number (for out-of-office situations)
  • Message content analysis – the option to define an action, e.g. route status change
  • Notifications – sending defined notifications when a specific object status occurs


  • User communication outside the system is basically non-existent
  • Order information registration
  • Automatic message service

WMS - Warehouse

Genetix / WMS module complements planning and distribution. It provides basic warehouse records, re-loading station log and return package listing.
Genetix / WMS provide basic warehouse records and cargo tracing within a warehouse. The system also provides internal warehousing operations such as warehouse transfers or stock-taking.
Also available is a Cross-dock warehouse which can be used for planning and implementing more complex distribution operations. Such a warehouse will record shipments which will be processed under logistical operations such as cargo delivery.
This is complemented by a records and billing module for return packages – pallet records. The module allows recording outgoing and return operations for pallets. Records on outgoing pallets are listed by carrier and cargo recipients. Based on the information on pallet status, the system notifies pallet pick-up during route planning (APO module) and generates pallet receipt notes as the shipment is being delivered (SCE module).

The most important features:

  • Pallet records
  • Pallet transfer and billing for contractors
  • Pallet balance notes generated automatically and e-mailed to contractors
  • Entries in and deletions from the records can be completed manually or automatically – integration with ERP
  • Cross-Dock warehouse


  • Automatic control of return package circulation
  • Optimization and distribution module extended to include cross-dock warehousing and multiple shipment planning

WEB – WWW interface

Genetix / WEB module is a tool which allows including external entities in the logistical process. Freight-forwarders and carriers as contractors send notifications on loading orders. Clients are provided with Track&Trace which tracks current order status on-line through a webpage.
Genetix / WEB allow remote work in the system. Basic functionalities such as orders, routes and notifications of vehicles are available on-line through webpage. This integrates the work of various entitles with no increase in costs. This also ensures better customer service.
Shipment recipients are provided with Track&Trace which tracks current order status on-line through a webpage.
The WEB module is a tool for managing return package trade and tracking return balance and return notifications.

The most important features:

  • Order entry through a website
  • Orders have the form of a file
  • Current order status tracking
  • Integration with B2B through WEB
  • Carrier panel – filling in notification details (driver, phone number)


  • User communication outside the system is basically non-existent
  • External entities can use system features
  • Better order service standards

Loading tracking

An application which tracks a route and indicates POD (proof of delivery) status is a true rarity.
The application guides the driver along the route point by point to avoid delays in deliveries. Unloading support includes scanning each cargo package to ensure that everything has been delivered 100% correctly. Each driver action is reflected as a shipment status change and notified to the headquarters. We can also notify the driver on-line of any changes in the route.

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