SCE Distribution

Genetix / SCE module is software supporting a smooth implementation of distribution plans. It allows you to manage the process smoothly, avoid mistakes and give you a thorough insight into current work progress.
The system creates shipments and routes based on plans generated in the optimization module (APO). The data is processed, in turn, by planners, freight forwarders and departments responsible for loading and shipping.
Real-time tracking and responding to changes as they happen is possible thanks to a full service of the distribution process.
The SCE module keeps records on shipments and routes. This allows sending loading notifications in the available time windows. Route processing cycles, from the moment a route is created and notified through loading to delivery, can be monitored through status messages sent by SMS.

The most important features:

  • Shipment and route records
  • Route progress status
  • Loading notifications
  • Basic Yard Management at loading
  • Communication with the driver by text message (notifications, call to load, change information)
  • Necessary route details, exception documentation (notes)


  • Actual delivery details are available on-line
  • Orders generated automatically in the TMS window
  • Easy communication with all those involved in the process
  • Recording events, statuses and exceptions

4LS / Genetix visualize key operational indexes and allow correct decision-making.

Planner / logistician

  • enters corrections and generates corrected distribution routes
  • records route-complete statuses
  • ensures communication between all those involved in the process
  • tracks route progress on an on-going basis

Freight forwarder

  • assigns drivers to a selected route
  • notifies loading
  • sends the notification to the carrier
  • creates orders in the TSL module
  • makes changes to the plan if necessary


  • records the loading of each order and route
  • warehouse activity can be automatized through data exchange with the ERP system
The system tracks and visualises the progress on each route / loading in real-time, based on KPIs.
This also allows smooth communication between the users thanks to internal messages, messengers and information exchange through SMS.

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